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Originally Posted by whyimhere View Post
first of all my intro; im a married male w/wife and 2 children. i was introduced to a female, we started off as text buddies occasional coffee dates at first, then i fell in love with her. more coffees followed plus intimacies. she than explained to me that she is a poly. i trusted her enough to let her be known to my wife and children. only one thing is i/we havent told wife about intimicies and her poly life. i am still trying to understand the meaning of poly to thats where im confused. i know there is no set rules or really no set guides. im reaching out for others to help. thank you
Others may have pointed this out, but my understanding of poly is that it rests on a foundation of consent and honesty.

Based on this idea, the woman you are seeing is not poly. She would not help a man cheat on his wife if she were because the wife did not give consent.

Tell your wife now before you do anymore damage.
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