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Originally Posted by lulu View Post
What do you think is the appropriate course of action in this situation?
Have a threesome...seriously, that'll take the edge away from seeing any affection between them and vice versa. I've never had an issue with seeing Redpepper and her husband being affectionate but I always felt a little awkward when she would show me affection in front of him. This was totally my issue I think.

Throw in a threesome and little kisses and hugs or just all sitting on the couch doesn't seem like such a big deal at all.....seriously, it was freeing and took us all to a more bonded place. The closer you all become the more you will be amazed at how natural this can be.

Threesomes aside, push yourself in this area if you want something bigger from this relationship.

Just to clarify, it was affection centered around Redpepper.....I'm not bi...not that there is anything wrong with that

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