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Default Downtown Los Angeles!

Hiya, all!

We're a couple of witty, vibrant, interesting 40-somethings looking to share the good thing we've got with a bi female. We're conveniently located in Downtown Los Angeles, center of a burgeoning cultural/dining/nightlife scene.

We're looking for a galpal to share our local adventures with -- we've been exploring downtown for a few years, and have developed a list of favorities, but there is an even longer list of places/things we've not yet done! There would be clothed and vertical activities as well as those accomplished (mostly) naked and horizontal.

We're good at being eclectic; as comfortable staying in and reading the Sunday Times as we are hitting a local cultural event or untried eatery. We don't need constant sensory stimulation to be content, but also welcome breaks in the routine. Looking for someone who can "go with the flow" as well as embrace spontaneity with good humor and a willingness of spirit.

We are generally "out and about" several days/nights a week exploring what's available in our vast downtown area -- since it's slowly developing into a destination spot, there seems to be a never-ending supply of things to do! Art tours, dining (adventurous and/or new), museums, lectures.... but we're in at a decent time (I've got a 7 am work start time).

It's a hackneyed and over-used phrase, "easygoing", but there are those of us who deserve the descriptive: we're not easily ruffled, offended or flustered; take change well; are fairly flexible in our expectations; generally have a calm demeanor, and are understanding of the shifts/surprises life throws at our collective ability to schedule things.

If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you. Or, if you're a neighbor, would love a friendly "howdy"!

Nikki and Paul
(and 3 rescue Chihuahuas)
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