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Now back to polyamory....

I delayed going to spend face-to-face and skin-to-skin time with Faraway Sweetie because I got caught up in a grassroots revolutionary pro-democracy movement. (Sorry, Sweet, you know I had to do it!) But I'm now free to travel and will be heading up to be with my Very Dear One right after Thanksgiving. We will have known one another about six months.

Pretty much everything about my relationship with FS is entirely uncharted territory for me. She's a woman, and I've had little experience with women as romantic, loverly partners. And she lives far, far away. And we've developed an intensely intimate friendship over great distance ... by emails and phone. And I'm in love with her, anyway. Have been for a while. Most of these six months, really. It's strange. It may be crazy. I dunno. But it is how I feel.

I almost backed away. Almost, sort of almost. I got caught up in the fear of not having her around for long spells, a condition created by economics and twelve hundred miles. Yesterday evening I felt as if my soul were a rope in a tug of war.

Fear lost.

Love won.
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