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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Do you have candidates that your local movement supports...are they affiliated with either of the major parties.?

Thanks D

The Occupy Movement is broad and diverse and "leaderless" (or all or many are leaders). No one speaks for the movement, though General Assemblies in various cities/towns do speak in a unified voice.

That said, I'd say that most of us who hit the streets under the Occupy banner did so with the conviction that our political system is fundamentally broken, including, of course the two dominant and hegemonic political parties which Ralph Nader aptly calls "the duopoly" (the corporate parties).

We hit the streets mainly in a desperate plea to the general public to wake the fuck up already. We did not hit the streets with a narrow and specific set of end goals -- other than true democracy in the USA.

Sure, we carried signs asking for this that and the other thing. I suggest you
examine these signs for the underlying message, rooted in an underlying cause. Otherwise, we will be a complete mystery to you.
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