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Originally Posted by Jade View Post
I can also be deeply emotionally attracted to people, though I don't open up easily, so my relationships generally develop slowly. It can take years before I open up to a co-worker.

I watch people. I watch their actions, reactions, communication style. I examine what makes them smile, laugh, touch. I measure their trustworthiness. From this process, all my relationships develop.
^^ These parts are the same for me. I would add in that I need to respect the person. If I lose respect for them, my libido recoils as well.

Though I can say I am 50/50 on sexual vs. emotional attraction. I love a pretty face, and can be a sucker for one. Of course, in this manner, it`s rare that a long-lasting love develops. Can be fun none-the-less

Emotionally, I tend to fall in love with friends. Usually a puppy-love and if it stands the test of time, then it deepens from experiences.
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