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Hi meko, please use paragraph breaks in your long posts. You might get more readers and responses.

So, you're a woman, best friends with a female couple, lovers with both of them. One is pregnant. You live 1300 miles away, going to school.

When will you complete school and move back closer to your couple?

Is there a good reason you are talking less on the phone to them lately?

You say they sometimes gang up on you in disagreements. This could be a common problem with a couple "adding" a single to their relationship.

Of course, your lover is having pregnancy hormones. Yet, as you may know, being a woman yourself, we don't like to be accused of acting badly because of hormones! (PMS)

I am not sure why you need to sleep between them or sit between them on the couch when you visit. If those 2 want more cuddle time when you're there, you'd probably do well to sit or lie on one side or the other, at least some of the time. Or sit in a separate chair, sleep in a different bed sometimes. Trying to share a lover is the hardest kind of poly to do. Some think it will lead to less jealousy, but it often leads to more.

I'd need answers to the above questions before I can offer any more supportive advice.
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