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Smile :) update! :)

So I just wanted to give you guys an update. I was feeling gutsy and I finally brought it up to my friend. I just brought up the subject of polyamory and we were just talking about it and then she said she would totally date me before I even asked her if she wanted to. So that was a relief to find out that she felt the same way I did. The only thing is that she really doesn't think her gf would be for it since her gf tends to be possessive and isn't self confident at all. So I just told her to enjoy her relationship and I can wait, we are such close friends as it is. I figured, I've waited already and we have such a great friendship that waiting a few months shouldn't be a problem (I don't think their relationship will last really long, but then again, who knows). So THANKS so much for all your guys help! It gave me the confidence I needed. I am just so happy right now.
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