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Originally Posted by Eponine View Post
I'm exactly the same way, if you define "sexual attraction" as "desire to have sex with someone". When I said in my last post that I can feel sexual attraction at the early stage, I meant "wow, he's so cute", not "I can't wait to see him naked".
Clarification noted. I would probably think of "wow he's cute" as "physical attraction"... yeah yeah, semantics... I love semantics :>

So here's what these terms mean to me, and not necessarily proposing them as a generality, just what I mean when I say them:
Physical attraction: "he's cute!" or "wow I love her dreadlocks!"
Sexual attraction: "I want to have sexual relations with that girl"
Emotional attraction: "I can imagine having a romantic relationship with this person"

With regards to friendship, I don't know if I feel any type of "attraction" per se... I get along with almost everyone I know, and while I'm closer to some people than others, I usually refer to most people as "friends" to some extent. Or else I refer to them by relationship: "Some guy in my class" "One of the people in my student group" "This lady from yoga" etc...
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