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She is a "bottom" but about 9 months into our relationship they together chose to end the D/s type stuff out of their relationship. I am his sub. And yes Redpepper I feel like they both think I am both their subs. Through the course of this I have been forced or maybe asked very sternly to do things to make her happy.

I don't think that she would be as upset with this comprimise as he lets on, but then again she hates me. (this is a whole other post, I did write one a while back about it on here but nothing came of the topic)

I am trying to keep my feelings regaurding things she has said or done out of the equation and focus on the condom issue with him. He continues to say I am forcing him to chose between us. And I don't feel I am.

I am supposed to see him tomorrow, a platonic lunch. We haven't been intimate in weeks now, but he has seen her (on a day that was supposed to be mine, but I won't dwell on that) and been intimate.

If I choose to look past this and just sweep it under the rug I know I will regret it, yet my heart is crying for him to hold me. Ugh, I'm such a wreak.
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