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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
In every relationship I've ever had - be it friends, girlfriends, business partners, whatever - it has been understood very quickly what my policy is regarding ultimatums. It is very simple: They who issue the ultimatum, loses it. You hand me a "her or me" ultimatum, and it's her, no agonizing, no bullshit, you made the decidio for me the moment you issued the ultimatum.

I never issue them and I never will. I learned that lesson early in life.
Exactly my policy-and my point. I take ultimatums seriously-if you are seriously that childish-you are too childish for me. End of topic.

It's not personal-it's life to me. I require myself to meet a higher standard, so I expect that those who are attracted to being around me will as well. If they won't that's ok-but they won't be around me. I won't give them an ultimatum, I'll leave.

Is it maybe an age thing figuring this concept out? Not to be rude or crass. Just wondering. .....
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