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I rarely, if ever, feel sexually attracted to anyone I don't know.

I cannot recall a single instance where I have seen an attractive person and thought about having sex with them. Seriously, not even once.
This makes me feel better! I never understood when people would see some one and then immediately fantasize about them sexually or even movie stars. I've never felt comfortable/wanted to fantasize about a movie star, since I don't know them. Finally I realized that there are just lots of ways attraction plays out and neither scenario is wrong, just different.

Sometimes, although rarely, I fantasize about some one I don't know terribly well. Like #SexyProfessor I'll probably mention him in a blog soon. He's one of my professors this semester and I cannot stop fantasizing about/feeling incredibly sexually drawn to him. This is kind of a new experience for me. Definitely fun though

I'm exactly the same way, if you define "sexual attraction" as "desire to have sex with someone".
Yeah, sorry I didn't clarify that. Being drawn to some one sexually, perhaps might be a better way to phrase it.
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