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Default can I re-introduce myself? update?

Hi there

I posted a few times when I first became poly...March 2010. At the time my husband N was not so sure about poly but, not being a super jealous sort, and always having been unconventional himself, somewhat grudgingly "let" me carry on a long-distance relationship with M, whom I only visited once in 9 months. I'm still close-ish to M, but we are no longer a couple. After things petered out with M last fall, N and I were de facto mono for about 6 months. Well, this past spring we re-visited the idea of poly--first through a threesome--then I got plugged in to the local poly scene.

As of right now, we've been fully open since April. He's dated 3-4 people, but nothing too serious has emerged. I've dated around and have now been in a fairly serious relationship almost 4 months now with T. T and N are great friends, N briefly dated T's primary, and we do group dinner the four of us every week with our kids. It's been pretty copacetic in lots of ways in polyland...although I now find myself wanting to scale back a little with T and focus more on personal growth. I think I fell hard and fast, jumped into things a little faster than I wish I had, and am also enjoying continuing to meet new people and get to know them

I just wanted to say hi and poke around the boards. So hi!
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