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Originally Posted by River View Post
Pain wants to teach us something.


Awareness can be soft, warm, tender, gentle ... even in the face of extreme emotional pain.
This is beautiful River. Thank you.

Where do I feel this in my body? When have I felt this way before? Will breathing help? Will stretching, running, sitting ... help to relax those taut muscles, this emotional contraction in the body?
One of the things I love most about my lover, 'D' is that she asks these types of questions. She's one of the most aware people I know. The question "Where do you feel it in your body" makes me think of her. ❤

Emotion is "e" - "motion" ... energy in motion, in the body.
Please forgive my drama, but thank you, thank you, thank you!! It's so nice to hear someone else expressing this!

Okay, your turn. Shutting up now.
Don't shut up.

But, ok, I'll take a turn. I'm someone who feels a lot. I don't think my family knew how to deal with me. They rolled their eyes, punished me, tried to talk more sense into me, etc. I think it's so fabulous that there's an avenue out there for really looking at emotions and giving them their space. Allowing them to be in the body and even welcoming/inviting them.

our upper limits for experiencing and dealing with joy and bliss as well as our lower limits of/for dealing with and experiencing emotional pain
I feel fear around both those limits, equally and for equal reasons. My mom used to say, "When she was good, she was really really good. But when she was bad, she was ugly". Well, yeah. I mean, look around us. The phenomenon of life is incredible! We live in this world that enters our consciousness through our senses. And even with our limited senses, the incredible beauty of what surrounds us deserves so much joy and gratitude!!

I don't want to sound airy faerie, but rainbows. Think about it. Light can meet rain and create an arc of every colour in the sky. Northern lights, the stars each and every night, (well, minus the clouds), the mathematical perfection of a spider web.... there is so much in this world.

I'm going way off on a tangent, but my whole point is, everything is so beautiful. Including emotions. Emotions have a huge part to play in how we perceive and how we manifest the world around us. They deserve our gentle, soft awareness.

Right now, I am feeling pain in my chest because my best friend just "broke up" with me. I am feeling electricity throughout my body because I know I'm going to see 'R' tomorrow. I'm feeling the same electricity because 'D' and her gf will be coming to hang out with me and 'R' - meeting for the first time. Lots going on...

I'm curious what others have to share... thanks for starting this thread River.

My heart is too big to fit into one person.

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