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One more thing, and then I'll shut up for a while.

In the modern Western world we tend to think that our brain-minds are really smart and that our bodies are just plain stupid. This is a load of horse sh*t. I have nothing against brains, minds, brain-minds..., but the body is much wiser than we imagine, most of us -- by far.

Paying regular, in-depth, serious attention to bodily experiences of every kind would do all of us a world of good. Doesn't matter much how, or what.... Feeling gravity in the body, feeling the sensations of breeze and wind, sunlight and shadow..., the sensation of movement, of stillness, of feeling and emotion, of hunger, of thirst, of joy, of peace.... Feeling and sensing is way too undervalued in the modern world. Bodies get too little care -- especially their experiencing.

Emotion is often understood as something we're thinking! Can you imagine?! Yes, of course, thinking relates intimately with emotion, but when do we take time to really listen to what our bodies want to tell us? Do we think they are stupid? Dumb?

Okay, your turn. Shutting up now.
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