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I rarely, if ever, feel sexually attracted to anyone I don't know.

I cannot recall a single instance where I have seen an attractive person and thought about having sex with them. Seriously, not even once.

That's not to say I won't notice an attractive woman, check out her butt, and think she looks hot. It just means my brain does not connect that with "I want to be naked in a bed with her." My husband tells me this is atypical

For reference, I almost never check out guys, yet I've only had sex with males so far, so it's not a men vs women thing. It took me years to realize that. I even doubted my pansexuality on the basis that I didn't want to fuck the pretty girls I saw... until I realized I didn't want to fuck the cute boys either.

For me, sexual attraction is a subset of emotional attraction, which is a subset of... friendly attraction? To put it another way, I'm only romantically attracted to people with whom I can be friends, and I'm only sexually attracted to people with whom I can be romantically involved.

For me, sex is about intimacy. I have a very low sex drive. I masturbate less than once a month, even though my only partner works out of town and I see him every other weekend if I'm lucky.

I disagree that this is because ray has not had sex and that his perception will change when he does. I've had lots of sex, and this has never changed at all for me. If anything, I've grown into it more and more as I accept myself without trying to make comparisons to "normal."
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