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Thank you for that post and the links Annabel. It makes us feel less 'controversial'.

According to statistics, there are about 15,000 plural marriages within some religious communities. I am sure not all of them are successful and some may not have been entered into freely. However, there are probably many many plural marriages within religious communities that are not the typical plural marriage we all hear about on the television but more hidden and quiet in suburbia and on country roads that could be successful loving and caring relationships. One can only venture a guess at how many 'non-religious' plural marriages there may be. It is possible that you don't hear about the successful relationships that have turned into plural marriages because of the risk of prosecution.

I don't think we will immediately know that this person will be the spouse of we are looking for, but hopefully, we will find someone whom we think could fill that position and take lots of time to get to know her and see what happens. That is afterall how any love affair begins. D is my 3rd husband, so I know what failed relationships feel like. Unfortunately, there are no guarentees in any relationship, traditional or otherwise. All we can do is put ourselves out there, be honest about what we are looking for and hope for the best.

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