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Thanks ya'll for the responses and suggestions! Very much appreciated

As much as these are purely sexual hook ups that dont seem to be leading into anything else for me right now, it is also something that i definitely enjoy doing and helps me to feel really healthy and active in a variety of ways, so i dont know if they are meaningless but i understand what you're getting at. On the other hand i dont think that i absolutely "need" these hook ups, im just unsure of whether or not it matters if someone needs something versus wants something? I dont mean to sound selfish and i did suggest to her already that i stop sleeping with other people for the time being, she didnt like that idea because it feels like pity to her. I do think though that i can stop hooking up with people without having her feel like im doing it intentionally for her... Does that make sense?

We have plans to hang out and work through some of these issues together, and luckily i had no plans for the day so i got to sit with myself, write and try to process my feelings so that they are more clear to me. Hopefully my taking a "me day" helps with our talks later on tonight. I do have intentions of letting her process these things with me more, and to listen and show as much compassion and understanding as i can, but i also want to balance that with my needs and to call her on being mean spirited to me while she was upset in a way that doesn't feel like me attacking her back. lol I think i've got that figured out, which makes me feel way less stressed!

Ok, well thanks ya'll for your time and energy in helping me out with this situation!

take care!
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