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Unhappy Intense emotional response: Hearing them have sex

Sure, I get anxiety. But this is different. This feels like pure panic.

FYI: Sorry if this has to be moved :/ I'm new to the forum.

I'm not new to polyamory or V's. This is my first live all together triad. Usually I feel very fullfilled and happy. But sometimes... I feel very empty.

Most importantly, I can't figure out why I have such a terrible horrible emotional reaction to hearing them have sex. This morning I attempted to sound-insulate my room (we have our owns rooms) at 6am! It's 3 hours later and I'm still panicked. In the past, I've tried turing on music, walking around the house, going outside, going for a walk, sitting at the park. Holy cow I've tried a lot of different things to avoid hearing them. One of those things was a threesome. It helped. For a while...

Normally in (a) relationship(s) I can just talk it out. But what the heck am I supposed do here? Can you imagine: "Hi sweeties, I'm really really uncomfortable everytime I hear you have sex and for hours after. And here's the kicker, I don't have the damnest clue why - even after seeing a counsellor (I really did this) and searching forum after forum online." ...
Can you imagine your partner/lover telling you that? That would be awful! I certainly don't want to make them stop, I don't even feel I have the right to ask them to be quiet.

Please, please, please, can you share your thoughts/experience/advice/ideas/suggestions - anything with me? I REALLY appreciate it. I love them and they love me, and I would rather sit in my room with earmuffs and music than risk loosing them.

Thank you.
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