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I find that these days, I am far more likely to find a random woman on the street sexually attractive than a man. Maybe it is because my relationship with each of my men is strong and sexually satisfying. There are only a couple of men who I am sexually attracted to, but I find that it is a specific body type - the one that Runic Wolf had when we were first married - that attracts me to these men. Whereas, I don't always feel secure in my sexual relationship with Pretty Lady, in part because we only have sex once or twice a year and she just doesn't have the sex drive that I do. I am not looking to add another partner, but will occasionally find myself admiring another woman. Still I would say that I find myself more easily sexually attracted to people than emotionally at first. There are few people who I let in past a certain layer of my emotions. I connect emotionally, at least superficially, with many of my friends and acquaintances, but I don't suppose that my attraction to them is necessarily emotional.

I don't know. That's a tough one Ray. I guess for me it isn't an either or kind of thing. I'm a sexual creature and an emotional one, but sometimes neither are what attracts me to someone. I was first attracted to Wendigo's intellect and creativity. We bonded emotionally initially on a night I have only fleeting memories of because I was completely wasted. We bonded emotionally over the course of a few years because we felt a connection, but those bonds deepened after we decided to become intimate physically. I initially had no sexual attraction to him at all, but was willing to act as a sexual healer for him out of deep friendship. The sexual attraction came along not too long after that and knocked me on my ass. Which was the complete opposite of how Runic Wolf and I got together. We were purely fuck buddies for the better part of 2 months before our first official date. The emotional attraction followed the sexual in that case.
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