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hey just want to say hi, & my boyfriend lets me do most of the typing/chatting, as he does talking on the phone because he is more comfortable that way. We both do video calls. Anyways sometimes I just have an account that I let him read, sometimes we have our own profiles, but we are such a part of each others life that we just communicate by letting each other read mail SOMETIMES.

On a side note... I see that you two are hoping to relate to a third as a couple/unit. I assume that means you would like a triad. Thats nice & handy & understandable since you are part of each others lives, just wanted to say that that a unit can have individuals as well. There will be a time when you or he would spend alone time 1 on 1 with a third, perhaps he goes to the bathroom? or you go to the store? & you or he are faced with being a couple with your third... just try to keep that in mind so that you also try to grow the individual relationships within the triad as well. Those are the glue really, in my opinion
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