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Default in the meantime

Now some time has gone by and I still see Johanna once in a while and we always have a nice chat. She just wants to have a monogamous relationship with me, I'm pretty sure. She tries to make me jelaous from time to time with some other guy(s). But you can't prove, that something doesn't work, when you act like you want to make it impossible from the start. I really like her, anyways.

It was a good decision to become polyamorous, but more precisly, I'd say, I'm on my way to it. In sommer I had an affair with a former girl friend, which was very nice and there was still the bond from our former relationship. Eventually, she wanted a steady/ mono relationship (which I don't want) and got to together with someone else.

I had a few other contacts or flirts and what I learn repeatedly, is that the rules for polyamory are really valid. When you and your lover don't pay attention to everyone involved and when you aren't very honest, open and respectful to everyone, later on you/ everyone will see the consequences.

I think lots of people who talk about polyamory don't really get this and for me it's still a learning process, too. It takes a lot of guts and consideration to live polyamorous.
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