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Default A Fresh Page Of Somegeezer And The First Glimpse Of Clarity

First off, I'd like to say, in only 5 days time, I'll have been on this forum for a whole year! What a year it has been too. Really been digging deep and trying to find myself. I've had ups, downs, lefts and diagonals, but still on the search for the right.

I have great thanks to give to a fair few people on this forum alone and other polys around the world who I've have been able to communicate with for this past year. You have all helped me a lot since the beginning of all of this for me. I hope you will be for a long time to come.

I would like to personally give thanks to both RedPepper and Mono, who were some of the people I first got to know here and whose relationship I felt I personally connected with at the beginning and kept me fighting for what I believed. We may not talk a great deal, but you are both lovely people, who do a lot for the forum, helping people out, always having smiles on your faces! Great role models and I look up to you both.

Another big thanks to both NYCindie and SNeacail, Or Indie and Seasnail [I have no idea, don't ask!] as I like to call you. =P You have both been around since close to the time I joined here and have been regular in many conversations I've had through these forums. I don't really talk to either of you outside of a thread, but I feel like you should be given thanks for everything you both do here too.

I'd also like to give a big thank you to sunflowershower, who only recently, has started to become a much larger part of my life. Though not a regular on the forum, I did first meet her here and have slowly uncovered a greatness that lays beneath. I have a great deal of love for you.

I hope happiness will follow you all through life.

Of course, I do no mean to offend anyone, by not individually thanking you, but there are so many of you that help my life be that little better everyday. This, here, is a thank you to all of you. =]

Now. This is just an introduction, to what I hope, is something much greater. My old blog [found here], had been a lot of my crazy roundabouts of the past year and, unfortunately, a great deal of unhappiness. What I can really say has been my most upsetting year yet. Even though, at only almost 20 years young; I hope my age is not an indication of something much worse to come.

I want to really start fresh, push a lot more out of my own life, celebrate my first year of many on a new journey.

Thank you all for reading, Somegeezer.

[PS - New avatar picture for the new me. Much clearer image of myself, too.]
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