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Not sure if any of this is directed towards my post, but what I mant by he chose me for better or worse is... I do expect him not to run in the opposite direction when and issue arises and he is unsure of what the issue was. I do expect him to see it to the otherside so there will be a healthy conclusion. Don't just give up. Don't hide behind an ultimatum. This is me... You've known me for years... don't start treating me like a stranger.

What I mean by see it to the other side is, figure out what the real issue is and make a decision on the real issue.

His issue is the fear of the unknown. He doesn't know what the dynamics of our lives will be. No one does. Not that he can't accept that I love another man. (He came to this last night) He fed into his fear and went for what he thought was an easy fix.

The fact is, we have grown closer and closer everyday. He loves how this whole thing has freed me... But it doesn't make it any less scary for him.

If we didnt have a commitment to each other to see it through, then we would all be heart broken at this very moment. but because we stayed we know what caused it.

Now the day may come when what he first said.. he can't accept that I am poly and that's the real issue then so be it. I don't believe in break ups being ugly and hurtful. there needs to be resolution and understanding. So that in the end everyone is left standing. It should be done with respect and love and concern for all parties involed. Don't get me wrong it will hurt like hell, but as least we can all respect how we handled it at the end of the day. That we did our best.
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