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More than likely poor wording on my part in the effort for speedy typing. Maybe substitue 'typical' for 'normal'. It's par for the corse that open communication is an absolute must in any poly relationship. It's expected. That being said this particular situation steps outside (imo) from even that. Basically I meant that extra care should be taken to ensure that all are on the same level of understanding/ what to expect/ and how it will be handled. As far as the following sentences I tried to put myself in the same situation. If I approached a cpl and said I was interested in forming a relationship, but I am only comfortable within certain limitations that is not typical of what most people expect. They accept and we are all now in a relationship. In this situation from my perspective I would feel that I would have to make sure that they understood my character and if they are not used to it, then how would they see me? I would be interacting when I felt the need, casually or sexually either way. I still owe those ppl a certain amount of reassurance that their expendature of their emotional selves to me is not seen as me taking advantage when I would not be following a pattern that most people would expect. There is more to my thought process when I wrote that but this would turn into an essay and not a comment. but hopfully that cleared up at least the direction I meant to go.
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