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As I recall, there is at least one other thread here in which many of us expressed what we think sex is or isn't. I think the title was "Is Masturbation Sex?" and it was pretty long.

But the OP here is looking for some specific feedback:
Originally Posted by caichan View Post
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the experience of re-educating a partner who has a culturally ingrained view of sex that you left behind so long ago that you've mostly forgotten it. Also, I probably just need some hugs, because I love the boy like crazy, but he's driving me crazier than I already am at this speed.
I only asked about the bf's idea that "fooling around" isn't sex to get clarification so I could better answer the OP. I think it's an interesting question about educating someone who has a vastly different cultural view of sex. I'm still thinking about my response, but thought I'd mention it now before the thread goes too far afield.

So, Caichan, here are some (((((HUGS))))) in the meantime.
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