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Default there is a twist now

Thanks for all the advice. To clear things up, I had already mentioned it to my bf about it, and we discussed it further today. He is fine with it and very open to it as long as the communication is there and everything seems fair. We are all very close friends. Once I talk to her we and if she would like to pursue the relationship we will definitely talk even more about it. Also, the threesome thing is a potential thing I may bring up with her if we to become more involved. I def would not press it if she is not comfortable.

The main thing that my confusion is is how to bring it up to her, with out any pressure or awkwardness. If she says no, I won't be offended and I would still want to be close friends. Also, now there is a twist to the situation, she just got back together with her ex, who is a girl that I really don't think is good for her (her other friends would agree). Should I still bring it up to her or should I just hold off again?

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