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Default I Quit

I'm a woman married to a man. And I love him and it's great. But I also enjoy women and would love a relationship with one. Fine no big deal everyone here gets it.

Please tell me why every woman either wants to try to snag my husband for herself, is convinced I'm lying to my husband and am full of drama OR is a self-professed "attention hog" and claims they aren't any good at "sharing" and so it's a lost cause before we even begin. I'm not asking anyone to have sex with me and my husband, or let him watch. I am looking for a relationship for myself. I just happen to be married. (That's another one they're convinced I want to throw him into the mix or have him watch.)

I fucking quit. It's exhausting, people are cutting me off AFTER we establish a good rapport and I'm sick of being called a liar. Fuck this shit.
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