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I'm leaving to see rory in a few days. I feel suprisingly calm. I am excited of course and very happy to see her, but I guess because we've talked so much lately I feel like the change is not going to be very big when I get there. Well obviously I can't wait to be with her physically, hug her and more. But for the rest, I'm really calm about everything. I'm not nervous like I was last time. I feel relaxed and sure that everything's going to go well.

I saw my mom today and talked about my next trip to rory. When I was leaving her house, she said "Have fun on your vacation!". I replied "It's not really a vacation, I'm going to work from there like normal. It's just like everyday life but in a different place. But thanks, I'm sure I'll have fun!". That came out of me without thinking. I'm actually pretty happy about that genuine thought. I don't want it to be too special occasion when I go there. I feel like I've let go of most of my expectations and I'm just going with the flow, doing what feels right, not thinking too much. I love this feeling and I hope it lasts.
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