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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
That isn't to say that you are these people, but its important for the readers here and maybe for you too to understand that there is potential for abuse in this scenario.... I hope you understand that.
Did you read this part? Or any of what I said and others that indicated that we weren't necessarily talking about you? This is a public forum. We are talking to everyone who reads here.

I have no idea who I am talking to as you have not indicated which partner and the way of writing changed. Super annoying and confusing. If you insist on not getting two accounts in order to indicate that you are in fact two different people could you at least do us the honour of SAYING who is talking? Thanks, that would be very helpful.

I wish you luck. I don't have much more to say here as I really don't see how you can move forward without reading other threads and addressing some of the common issues that occur in this type of relationship dynamic you seek. I understand its hard to hear, but as Annabel said, a lot of us have been through this already or witnessed others that have and have some wisdom on the topic. It seems that you see us giving you are hard earned wisdom as scepticism and condescending ridicule. Well, I suggest you choose to not read it that way. If you are unable to understand and appreciate where those that have been there have been, then I got nothin' left for you.

Let us know how it goes. I love to be proved wrong. Bye for now.
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