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Originally Posted by Nevins View Post
How can I love 2 people and remain married?
By choosing to do so.

All the skills that are required to make a monogamous relationship work are the same skills that are required to make polyamorous relationships work.

Communication - Talk, talk and more talk. Learn effective communication skills. Don't try to read other people's minds and don't assume they can read yours.

Radical Honesty (with yourself and others) - You can't be completely honest with someone else until you are completely honest with yourself. Choose to be honest always, even if it makes you look bad and when you don't want to. Be tactful, but always be honest.

Self Reflection - Nobody grows older without accumulating baggage. Learn what your baggage is and work on yourself to get rid of it.

Negotiation - All relationships are about give and take. Learn how to negotiate honestly and fairly.

Balance Assertiveness with Accommodation - Everybody has a selfish side and an altruistic side. Learn to balance the two. Ask for what you need/want in a relationship, and at the same time, accommodate the needs/wants of the other person. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the win/win solution, but never give up until you find it.

Loving two people and remaining married can be done, because it has been done before. Is it the right solution for you? Only you will be able to answer that question.
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