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We had a long talk last night. Talking and being open and honest with him about my feelings has never been an issue. The opening up the marriage was my idea. The threesome stuff was his idea and the leaving me alone with the friend was also his doing in the beginning. I would have never done that on my own without him. I ended up enjoying it more than the threesome. After the first 3some he made me feel bad by telling me that I paid more attention to the other man than him. It was like I can't win. So the next time we had a 3some I could not enjoy myself because I was to nervous that I wasn't paying equal amounts of attention to him. It was like I couldn't win! so when he left me alone, I was like "wow this is nice" I got to be with a man who has been attracted to me for yrs and I felt like I was his fantasy come true. It felt really good to be wanted and desired by a man who was not my husband. Because he left me alone there I felt that he wanted it like that, for me to sleep with him and tell him about it later. He will not admit to that. I still think that is his fantasy but because it sounds weird he won't admit to it. Seriously..... 3somes are "cool" letting another man screw your wife when you are not involved is not so "cool". Thanks for the advice.
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