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Default I should've done this before! But I'm here now.

Hi all!

I'm a 20-something stay-at-home mom to a super curious and affectionate toddler. My partner and I are common-law, and our plans are to eventually get legally married in the next year or so.

He spoke to me about his interest in a poly relationship when our child was about 6 months old. I found his honesty and goals for the intended comforting, and saw it as something beneficial for all involved. He immediately began his search while I fell back on old flings, yearning to feel less 'motherly' and more like my old self. I have gotten over that initial feeling and I'm now more at peace with seeing myself as more than one thing as well as 'Mom'.

My partner, after many false starts with other women, has found someone he feels compatible with, and talks to her on a regular basis. He has even claimed her publicly, and I've witnessed them telling each other 'Love you' on more than one occasion. I can admit that I was definitely caught off guard by their declarations, and I'm not exactly sure how to approach the subject except to ask 'You love each other? Already?'. I'm currently not searching because there are other things that I'm working on in a personal sense.

I think it's important that I begin to examine and break down the jealousy that has arisen now that he is content with this other woman, and also learn as much as I can about how our situation can work for everyone involved.

Glad to be here! Got so much to learn.
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