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I ask for what I need and require and my partners do the same. When I ask they respond honestly about whether or not they can give me what I am asking for. If they can't or can only give so much I don't whine about it, I don't then become selfish or lash out like a child, I respect that choice and find someone who can. I, in return give just as much willingly as a result. It becomes a win-win situation. I have seen monogamous relationships with much less of this and ones that are structured like this. Poly or mono its a choice in how one does relationships... the thing with poly for me is that there are more loves in my life to rely on when I need something. Please note that it depends on the need. I always wonder first how I will effect my loves before asking, consider if I can do it myself and always get at the heart of what it is I need. Most of the time its related to time or emotional support.
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