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Originally Posted by WaywardDruid View Post

We've been in the Beta's of WoW - EQ - Dransik - and way back in the beginning of Online Games "The Realm" 1996.

The Realm
2-D graphic online game.

O.o my internship three years ago was with Norseman Game for work on the Realm. People are still playing that game =p

I got started on pen and paper roleplaying in college with D&D 3.0. I've also done Call of Chthulu, Rokugan, VTM, and a few others. I've been wishing we could find someone to play with in the area but so far, we've not been successful.

Although I'm a World of Warcraft player. It was my first MMO. My current main is a night elf warrior called Yora. Because tank girls rock. ^_^
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