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Default Poly meeting in Santa Fe

Hello all! I'm Matt from the East Mountains. I love the discussion and plan to contribute more in the near future. My wife and I are poly, we have 8 kids, and, yes, they know about our "lifestyle." I'm not sure we're experts on all this but we have some experience...

Just want everyone to know there is a safe, comfortable community to learn and explore poly. It meets in Santa Fe. Here is the announcment for the upcoming meeting.

We had a wonderful discussion Saturday about Poly Activism. We've had a
bit of a sequence, starting with September's "Land Mines on the Path to
Poly," October's "Poly Activism - or how do we get rid of the land
mines. The suggestion for November is "Who Put The Land Mines There -
And Why?" or why does society seem so intent on controlling sex, and
limiting alternative life styles? Should be stimulating!

We're now meeting the 2nd Sat of each month, so that means our poly
gathering will be Sat. Nov 14. Pot Luck 5-6, Discussion 6-8,
socializing and hot tub 8-10.

Mim Chapman hosts the event at her home. If you're interested or want directions email me.

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