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Hey all-

I'm Indigo here but IndigosChild nearly everywhere else. Sometimes I'm called mom, other times I'm hon or sweetie but have yet to be called 'second' or wifey but that's really, really cute. I am in fact married and have been for 16 of my 36 years...quick math, yes, I was young. You could call me impetuous but it seems to have worked out so far.

We've burned it down and re-built the whole thing several times in our nearly 20 years together and hope to so it a few more times before we're finished. There have been different types of relationships over the years and all have been truly amazing experiences with really quality people, almost all of whom we are still in touch with in one way or another (gotta love facebook!)

I've always been poly...fell so completely head over heels in high school that I *still* dream about her and as another here wrote, am still in love with who she was when I knew her. So, head over heels and I *still* slept with boys on the side. It caused problems. I fell in love and married the guy I *knew* was perfect for me but we were babies and tried so hard to be 'good' and conform to what we had been brought up to believe was virtuous, satisfying monogamy. But it never fit.

For now I (mostly) date single guys, they know I'm poly and have varying degrees of comfort with it. I have yet to include one of my otherloves into my primary family because A) I don't like messy drama and B) I have kids at home, but the ones I've been truly close to have come to the house as 'friends.' My husband's girlfriend *nearly* spent the night here a few weeks ago (I have yet to meet this one) and I felt only excitement and welcome; he's amazing and anyone he spends time with is usually amazing, too. So yeah, I'd be happy in a tribe, given the right mix of people.

I love reading all your posts! What a creative, open and giving bunch you all are! And it occurs to me that we've been engaging on 'poly-lite' live ins, no alphabet-shaped relationships...just lots of fun and terrific, athletic, um, fun-ness. My otherlove and my husband and HIS otherlove will all be attending a party together soon and my biggest concern is who's going to be the designated driver, I don't expect any jealousy or insecurity. I have in the past dated pretty vanilla guys who would be sooner tarred and feathered than be in a 'gasp' poly relationship, but I'm more or less over that now (with one notable exception. So sue me, I'm not perfect.)

Thank you all for opening yourselves up here; this long-time libertine still has much to learn.
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