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nycindie thanks for commenting. I haven't had much chance to travel, just a few places in Europe, but New Zealand is definitely high up on my list of places-to-see! That will have to wait, though, until I'm no longer living on a student budget...


Havent had a lot to write, I've just been enjoying my everyday life lately, and apparently I'm not good at posting when life goes on issue-freely. I've been able to study really well, for a change. I've mostly read and written stuff at home. Everything's going well with Alec, we enjoy our usual routines. Me and Mya have skyped quite often, every other day (or even daily). Today we talked for 7 hours, normally it's not for that long, though. But it was sort of more like the both of us were surfing on our respective computers in the same room, except that we're a couple thousand kilometers apart. I've really appreciated the support that I've had from both Mya and Alec in recent times when I've been going through stuff feeling low. Mya is extremely good to talk with, and I'm constantly surprised by the fact that together we are able to solve pretty much anything. Alec is a huge help with his presence; I don't know how he does it, but he can make me feel really good and calm and secure.

And Mya will come and visit again in less than a week! That's so cool! We've talked a lot about time and energy things, and I think the both of us have more realistic plans and expectations for the time she'll be here. All three of us will also have a discussion once she's here. However, I think the processing the both of us have done already will in itself have a positive effect, since on the last time the problem was basically that I spent too little time on studies and by myself, and too much with Mya. But this time it'll be different, because we've skyped so much before she gets here, and both of us will treat the time more like everyday life and less like a special occasion. After all, we've got the rest of our lives to spend with each other, so we will have quite enough time for everything.
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