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You don't need to explain yourself to him, and it doesn't sound like he's in any position to understand anyway. He's still blaming you for his own problems, and until he gets it through his head that his issues are his own and he has to deal with them on his own, nothing you can say will have any effect on how he behaves.

Originally Posted by tsse View Post
he doesn't think the behavior he is trying to fix should count. Um, it does.
Of course it does! That's like saying, if you work at a nuclear power plant with a radiation leak, you should still come in to work as long as they're "trying to fix" the leak.

Originally Posted by tsse View Post
As for blocking him - he's smart. I'm good with computers, really good, up until recently he had a security clearance. I could block him all I want, but that won't change things.
Even if you can't block him, he can't force you to respond to all of his messages. This is just more way for him to get attention. Next time he messages you, send him one single reply: "I have nothing more to say to you. I can't stop you from contacting me, but I will no longer respond. Goodbye." Then when he keeps messaging you, just close his chat tab. Ask P to ignore him outright. Ask your friends to refrain from relaying his messages. By the sounds of it, they're aware of his issues and they'll understand why.
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