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Default Maybe SHE is the poly one

I just haven't seen that much discussion about your wife's sexual wants and needs...

I know she hasn't been able to "gratify" you in the same way and she seems to feel guilty about that and thinks this might be good for you... But if she is so persistent even when you make it very clear that you don't want this...

Is it possible that she wants a poly relationship for herself?

I'm not sure what exactly she is physically able and not able to do, but maybe having another person around would benefit HER in some way that you are not considering...

Would you be open to letting her explore seeing others? Maybe even using online dating chats, or meeting people who are in a similar physical condition as her?

You seem to be a very sensitive person so maybe she's afraid that bringing this up will make you feel guilty or inadequate... and since you seem like such a great partner, that's probably the last thing she wants!!

Feel free to dismiss this suggestion heartily, haha, but... it seemed to be an ignored face of the diamond.
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