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Default Thank you!!

You definitely seem like you have been in a similar situation... thank you for replying to my thread!

These were my favorite things that you said:

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
That situation would hurt me personally - I could not be authentic or have integrity. I would be less than what I want to be. And that is painful to me. Yes, she might have very good reasons not to be honest with him, or to step out on him. There are situations out there that are very gray. But I cannot put myself in that situation personally. So while the short term benefit would have been a fun night by all (and it would have been hot) the long term pain to me is not worth it.
Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
If we were more involved, then his actions would bother me more than they do. I'm a fuckbuddy, not his conscience. He's a grown man, responsible for himself. Is this ethically slippery? Well, yes. Some would say I should cut him loose and I can see that argument. He knows why I do what I do (or don't do). Maybe he'll think about it. Or not. But it's ultimately about my comfort in my own skin.
My guy is not married though... to me it seems like there should be some significance. Difference between dating "single & married"...

"Cheating is cheating" I'm sure that's true. And something in me pushed me to have that conversation with him.

But... I was torn. "Am I asking him to sacrifice his other relationships with mono- girls just to continue having a relationship with a poly- person?" How is that fair?

I am still going to move on & meet others but it's true - I still have a lot of unanswered questions. For me and for him... (Because I feel like I owe him better answers than just repeating, I already told you I'm not going to do something that's hurting someone else..." Lame.)
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