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Here is what I see from the situation you described. I will be rather blunt so no offense intended. Firstly my hat is off to you for being so devoted and loving to your wife, disability or not. Secondly, you stated you had a hard time relating your feeling or the situation with your wife, but you seemed to do a pretty damn good job of it here and if she is reading all of this then you have in fact told her. I find it rather ridiculus that she doesnt feel she can provide your emotional need to bond with her because she is paralized on one side. That isnt a physical or intimacy problem that is a psychological hurdle on her part. She feels less of a woman? Broken and damaged so she wants you to have what "she cant give" via a third party? Sorry but I call bullshit on that one. It is up to both of you to specifically say exactly what you are feeling, it doesnt matter if you blunder it at first. Communication is key, it is obvious that she is a very deep and meaningful part of your life and she should realize that you dont care about the physical sex, you dont want sex, you want her and that includes more, very much more than her body or what she can or cant DO for you. She has to tell you exactly what, why, when and how she feels the way she does. When tow people are as dedicated and love one another as it seems you two are you can deal with opening up the guns on these problems, you can't, nor should treat deep issues like a delicate glass menagerie but give them a kick in the ass. I doesnt mean you dont love that person or are thinking any less of them or the issue. Of course I say all of this casually, naturally there is more to it than I know, you know one another well enough to approach these things tactfully, and if you dont know ffs ask! Best of luck to you and her, you dont need a third, you need to trust each other.
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