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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Btw, lest anyone get the wrong idea and think that this is becoming some kind of exploitative setup with problematic shades of unicorn-ness, it wouldn't be just me alone with their baby, helping them get their two nights per month while I get one -- she's going to be reaching out to other friends and family for help. The fact is that I just want to spend as much time with Bee as possible, I miss him when a few days have gone by and I haven't seen him!
Now why should anybody get that idea?! Those of us who follow this thread know that you've fallen in love with Bee, as well. I don't count being ALLOWED to be one-on-one for two evenings a month with somebody that you love (whatever their age, and even considering that this one-on-one includes changing nappies*) as being exploited.

Stop worrying about what other people might think (or about yourself turning into a unicorn) and enjoy your time with Bee! I mean, before the birth, you and Gia were even discussing [at least the concept of] co-parenting.

p.s. Hardly unfair for you to get only one date a month if Eric's getting only two dates a month with his own wife. As you say, your time with each other isn't limited to these "luxury" formal dates.

* In a preparation-for-home-birthing group I attended (as friend and birthing-partner of a single-mum-to-be), one of the moderators once said: "Nobody actually enjoys washing out shitty nappies". My immediate reaction (and this based on previous experience) was: "Well, actually, if you REALLY love the child, even washing their shitty nappies can be an act of Love... and therefore cherished. I HAVE enjoyed doing so."

[Does this qualify me for inclusion in the "kinks of the month" list?]
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