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very cool!!!
I'm, well we actually, are really new to this. Just talking about it in fact and only somewhat practicing. I have girls that I date, but so far no sex. anyway... What we are thinking would work for us is a quad. Two couples that are connected on many different levels. Sort of "family". Was this something you sought out? or did it just grow out of a more traditional friendship? We have some married friends that we are getting pretty comfortable with but aren't sure if, 1. we are ready to take it to the next level or 2. how to approach them about it. We're not even sure they would remotely consider that close of a relationship. We are all straight.... as far as I know. I'm the littlest bit curious though and probably the most open one of the four. Anyway, congrats and I hope you have many many years of happiness! Its comforting to know that it is possible to find what I'm looking for!
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