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Just an update, he started doing things he knew made me uncomfortable today as a way to lash out at me. I tried not to let it phase me.

He then started whining on at least two social networks that I'm a member of, accused me of "uncirciling him on G+" (I hadn't) and unfollowed me on Twitter "by accident".

By the end of the day he seemed stable and then he went off the deep end. He decided to start keeping a journal and a friend told me that he's pretty much insinuating that our break was his idea and though his therapist said he's not "unwell", he just needs to learn how to cope better with his emotional control when he's not in his comfort zone. He also made it seem like we were on a break when I was clear in what I said that we needed to end things and when he asked if we'd be back together, I refused to say yes and he got all pissy.

As for blocking him - he's smart. I'm good with computers, really good, up until recently he had a security clearance. I could block him all I want, but that won't change things. He's said he's going to disappear for a week or so to focus on what he needs to any maybe in that time, his head will be removed from his ass.

He was a good friend before this and I know he can be a good person but he needs to learn to control himself, to respect others and to take care of himself before I want him in my life in ANY capacity again.
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