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I suppose that's just where we are right now. You're right, it has worked for us ten years and for them almost 19. There has been no interference with the loving devoted relationship between the married couples. But, again, they are devoted to each other and we are devoted to each but separate as couples and we are at the point that we are just ready to add another spouse. We love J and B but they aren't fullfilling the role we need filled now. They completely understand that this is where we are in our lives and our marriage and that they can't be what we really want, another wife, yes, I believe, a second wife....a sister wife without the religion and perhaps with intimate sexual contact for all if that happens to be the way it works out.

I can see why some might think we became in the post, 'less open' but this was never about sexual freedom. It's always been the need to.invite another spouse into the marriage we already have. I suppose, just as a polygamist man would meet, court, then introduce the potential to the first and second wives for their approval...I won't make a direct example of any particular religion in a negative light, but you understand. The difference is, there is only me, no second, no religion, and we will meet her together, court, see if the love is there and then make the same comittments to her as we did to each other.
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