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Thank you so much for your input Anna. It is greatly appreciated and you have made us look again at what it is we expect. You are right, some of this does seem very very selfish for us to ask of someone in the poly community. As we have been posting and putting into black and white our intentions and thoughts, the more we are understanding that maybe the polyamorus community isn't where we need to be. Apparently we are polygamists. Now that you have brought up the issue of the other couple, we can and have agreed that because tje other couple are our best friends and will understand exactly what we are looking for and why its important to us, we will not ask the new person to accept or be part of any extra marital activities with them and we will cease as well. How can we ask someone to be faithful to us and accept it be ok if we wanna get kinky with old friends. I suppose we just learned that what we truly want is a plural marriage...polygamy. Exclusivity between 3 spouses. Thank you for helping us learn that about ourselves.
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