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Unhappy Lost a friend?

Sooo I realized I never wrapped up this thread...

I brought up the subject while helping him fold his laundry. Explaining how I don't want to do anything that would hurt anybody. The arguments I faced and was pretty much unprepared for...

"Why can't you let me worry about that?"
"It won't hurt anybody if they don't find out."
"If we make each other happy we shouldn't stop seeing each other."
"You make me happy, don't I make you happy?"

I felt like I was talking in circles, just repeating myself over and over, and that's how he felt too, it made him angry/upset/confused...

We have been avoiding each other ever since.

The End?

No, not the end!! I'm going to attend a poly event on Monday and hopefully meet some real, honest people who can give me guidance or learn with me... or perhaps both?! I know it will take time and no one can replace anyone else but I'm staying optimistic for now. Thanks everyone for your comments and support... <3
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