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It's true that it's not always necessary or even good to overthink things. My reasoning is like this, though. Let's say F gets a cool job offer across the country. His thought process *could* potentially go something like this --

"This looks great, but it would mean Rift and I would be in an LDR, which would be hard. We might grow further apart or even break up. But, well... I may take this relationship seriously, and it often seems like she does too, but I need to be realistic. She has a husband and *he* comes first, not me. He's the one she's ultimately going to build her life around, not me. So, as much as I wish it were otherwise, I need to recognize the situation for what it is. It's not healthy for me to treat her like a life partner with whom I'm really building something that could last our whole lives when she already has that person and it's not me. So... I guess I'll go ahead and take the job."

Whereas if he knew you think about him on the same level as your husband... it *could* radically alter his thinking and priorities. Maybe he'd re-double his efforts to look for a local job instead of taking the one far away. Just a random example of how definitions can change things.

Now, his thinking may be nothing at all like that. But as someone dating a married woman myself, I know I would factor things differently if I knew I was considered as important a partner to her as her husband.
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