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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I didn't say you were claiming that. I was wondering if that was your perception, just to find out a little more why you think poly might be for you. Some people think poly means casual. I think "specialization" is a good way to look at how some polyamorous situations could be.

If your desire is more geared toward being part of a family, you might want to look into "intentional communities." If you joined one, you could contribute to, derive satisfaction from, and feel a part of a group but perhaps not have the stress of emotional intimacy from one-on-one relationships (that is, if I am understanding correctly what schizoid is).
My perception of poly relationships is the same as my view of monogamous relationships; I assume that no stereotypes can apply to them because there must be a vast variation between each relationship.

I'm off to go look into intentional communities. Thanks for the advice!

Edit: Getting a real Wicker Man vibe off of these intentional communities. I think I'll have trouble finding one in line with my interests.

Oh, I forgot to reply to your assessment of the schizoid thing. I do have some trouble with intimacy, but I'm not as far along that axis as many schizoids are. Mainly, I'm just exceptionally good at keeping myself company and a bit blank on some emotions. I guess you could say that one-on-one relationships feel stressful to me, but it's not an intrinsic sort of stress.

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